I have completed the Beauty Guild's COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control course - you can view my certificate (PDF) here. My COVID Policy (PDF) outlines all the steps I'm taking to ensure my services are COVID-secure and I can provide a risk assessment if required.



In order to paint at an event or party, I will require a well lit area. If I am to be painting outside, then I will also require shelter from the sun/rain, such as a gazebo. I am able to bring my own gazebo and lighting if pre-arranged, but this will incur an extra charge for set up/take down time. I will always bring my own table and chair.


I require a booking form to be completed and a deposit to be paid in order to secure your booking.  If I do not have a booking form and the deposit – your date/time is not secured.

Booking deposits are non-refundable should you wish to cancel your booking.  If you cancel within 7 days of the event, then the full payment will still be due. If the event is cancelled due to COVID restrictions, or self isolation (your family or mine) then I will refund the deposit in full. 

If I should ever have to cancel your booking, then I will try to find an alternative painter.  If I am unable to, then I will return your deposit.  


If you wish to re-schedule your event, I will transfer the deposit over to a new date if we find a mutually agreeable date.  If I am unable to attend a second date due to other bookings, then the deposit will not be refunded. Final payment is due on the day of an event, unless otherwise agreed.


I will arrive to your event early, and be set up and ready to paint at the time agreed.  I paint approximately 10-12  faces per hour.  Please bear this in mind when choosing how long to book me for, as I really don't like leaving any guests disappointed.

If you have more guests than anticipated, and I am available after the booked hours, then I can stay on and paint for longer if you wish me to at an extra charge as agreed.


It can be very difficult to round party guests up - particularly when I'm focused on painting and I don't know their names. So if you're able to, please help me keep the chair full to make the most efficient use of my time.

I try my best to paint the children in a queue order starting with the guest of honour – but I am so busy concentrating on painting I cannot always follow what is happening in the queue.  Some children will wander off, some may even stay behind me where I can’t see them and therefore I might accidentally miss them out.  Some children love to stand and watch me work, so the queue can get very confusing at times.  If you are able to help out with a bit of queue control, that would be great.  If you prefer to leave the children to it, then please understand that I try my best, but occasionally might paint them ‘out of order’.


Please carefully check the company's own terms and conditions - some bouncy castle hire companies will not allow face painted children to use their castles. Likewise, some soft play centres will not allow face painted children on the equipment.


I understand that children can often be fascinated by my colourful kit, but please remember it is a strictly ‘hands off’ affair.  I will require payment for any damages to my equipment.


I don't generally paint children under 3, but will offer a small design on the arm at my discretion. The younger the child is, the more sensitive their skin is and therefore the more chance there is of them having a reaction.  I also have to take in to account how well the child can sit – they must be able to sit still for 5 minutes.  I have been painting my niece from 18 months, but some 3 year olds aren't ready yet.

I will not paint anybody without their consent - however young. I paint adults as well if time allows, but I will not paint anyone who is intoxicated, offensive or violent.  I won’t paint any image that I find offensive or disturbing.

I am unable to paint areas of broken or infected skin.  This includes: open wounds, cold sores, chicken pox, conjunctivitis, heavy cold/ runny nose, sunburn, bruised areas or any other infected skin.  I can usually adapt a design around areas such as a grazed chin.


I have a portfolio with many designs.  If you know you would like something a little out of the ordinary, then please send me a message beforehand so I can either get an image or have a practice.  I try to accommodate all requests, but sometimes the internet connection will not allow access to Google images which leaves me a little stuck!


I only use professional water based face paints which are EU & FDA cosmetically approved.  I also only use cosmetic grade glitters.  I am not responsible for any allergic reactions.  If you are in any doubt, then I will perform a patch test.

All paints are able to be washed off using soap and water. Please note that certain colours can leave a slight stain,  particularly on drier skin.

I am as careful as possible, but paints can sometimes be spilt on clothing or property.  99% of the time, face paint washes out of clothing using a biological detergent and by following the normal washing instructions.  I am not responsible for any damage to clothing or property.

I look forward to painting at your event!